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Dec 09th 2023

Garda Trentino

Xmas #BeLive

For any problem along the route/ with Webscorer App, please contact us +39 370 343 9965

Event description

Attendance record
The amateur sport association ASD Garda Trentino Trail (created an attendance record for the track Xmas Trail 2020 (see/ download route .gpx on the website ). Attendees shall run on the said track in full autonomy and responsibility, as indicated in the said description. The route, with start/ arrival in Torbole sul Garda (Tn) is located in a natural environment, along paths, mule tracks and cart roads, in the Garda Trentino with a quote between m 78 e m 530, with length 30 km and height difference of 1370 m. Attendance of such track is free and at full individual responsibility, ASD Garda Trentino Trail will solely register the attendance time for those who will be able to prove (as indicated in this document) their attendance on the route in self-autonomy and responsibility. ASD Garda Trentino Trail will not put any indication on the route, will only provide the .gpx track on the website and place on the route the QR codes necessary to prove attendance on the complete track: no verification of the route path shall be done by ASD Garda Trentino. Attendees shall also make at their own responsibility evaluation of the weather conditions, of their personal physical capacities, of their technical equipment and consequently of the decision to run on the route.

The route
Start and arrival are in Torbole sul Garda (Tn) (QR CODE/ TP START); then proceed along the lakeside to the center of Riva del Garda. After passing through the historical center of Riva, take directions to Bastione and before to reach it, take the right direction (QR CODE/ TP 1) to Santa Maddalena (in Foci San Giacomo - water point). Then proceed to Deva, Church of San Lorenzo, take the right directions to the panoramic place “Grom” (QR CODE/ TP 2) and then reach Tenno (after passing through the historical center of Frapporta – water point). Close to the townhall of Tenno, take direction to “sentiero naturalistico di Bussè” (QR CODE/ TP 3 on the panoramic point) which will bring to the “sentiero del Pil”, with destination Volta di No. On the way to Varignano, take direction on the left on the short single track in the wood (with a wooden bridge on the river, (QR CODE/ TP 4). Then go through the path “Olivaia”, which will lead you to Arco (close to the castle, (QR CODE/ TP 5 few meters after the small panoramic terrace, at the paths intersection. take the left direction) (water point in Arco city center). From Arco city center, take the bridge of the cycling path, take the cycling path underpass and move in direction to Massone. Before to reach the small Church of Saint Martino turn right and go straight to Bolognano (QR CODE/ TP 6) . From Bolognano (water point) proceed on the tracks in the wood to destination Nago/Busa dei Capitani to the panoramic point “ Bomb” (QR CODE/ TP 7).
Pay attention to the short down slope to Nago (water point). After passing around Castel Penede (QR CODE/ TP 8) take the old path of Santa Lucia to reach again the city center of Torbole and the arrival point (QR CODE/ TP START). The route is valid only in the direction suggested in the gpx track (from Torbole - Riva - Tenno).

How to be registered in the record
Attendees shall enroll online here then download on their smartphone the free- App Webscorer Race & Lap Timer.
To prove attendance on the whole track, count the total time used and appear so on the Record, it is required to scan with the a.m. App the QR codes (also called “TP1,2,...” in the App) and located on the track (see detailed map on the website). The App will count the total time used automatically after the scan of the last QR code located in Torbole.
It is possible to attend the track several times, even on different days, but in any case the APP will register the best time used for 1 complete track.

Attendance record
The final attendance record will be published on the website after the end of the event; a provisional record will be also published on the website with a real time update.
The record will show the attendee's name, surname, date and best attendance time on the track.
All other personal data provided by the attendee during the registration will remain private and protected, and will be used only for internal communication or verification, as per current privacy rules in force.


Enrollment to the record


Printable map



Route available here:

To see your real-time position on the route, follow these instructions:
1. open the link on your smartphone:
2. click on the big central arrow
3. click on the small arrow on the bottom right of the page and your real-time position will be indicated on the map respect to the ruote


Gps track

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Provisonal attendance record