ПОСМОТРЕТЬ ВИДЕО В HD Garda Trentino Xmas Trail

3-й Трейл
14 Декабрь 2019

The amateur sports association Garda Trentino Trail ans Ultrabericus, both affiliated at ASI (Associazioni Sportive e Sociali Italiane), establish the Winter Xmas Trail Challenge. It’s a challenge made with sum of racing time of two longest trail of :
Ultrabericus Winter of 01.12.2019 in Torri di Arcugnano (VI)
Garda Trentino Xmas Trail of 14.12.2019 in Torbole sul Garda (TN).

By online registration at the longest distance at one of the race, the athlete will get a discount on the other race by euro 5,00 until 14.10.2019 and euro 6,00 from 15.10.2019.
All partecipant at both race will be enrolled at the challenge.

The athletes who have completed 20 years as finishers of the full trials of both races are rightly classified in the Challenge. A men's classification and a women's classification will be drawn up adding the times achieved by each athlete in the two races.

The award ceremony of the Challenge will coincide with the awards of the second Garda Trentino Xmas Trail race on 14.12.2019

The first five men and the first five women of the Challenge classification will be awarded.

All informations here: www.ultrabericus.it and www.gardatrentinotrail.it